Here are some of the answers to your most commonly asked questions, if you have any further questions, just contact us at support@marstrand-innovation.com

How can I customize Marstrand Planning Intelligence?

The Perspectives feature gives you full flexibility. Use our prepared templates as outset for your modifications of columns, data filters, sorting, groupings etc. and store the new perspective in your own workflow folder.

How can I change/customize the text in the application?

If you want to translate the whole application to another language or just change some single words to fit you company, you go to Views > System and open the Dictionaries. Select the target dictionary Customer and start copying the source texts you want to change.

How do I customize the toolbar?

Right click on the toolbar where there are no buttons and in the context menu select Customize… You can now right click toolbar items to change properties; you can drag then away from the toolbar. If you want to add items, select the Commands tab in the Customization dialog and start dragging items to the toolbar.

Can you print out reports?

Answer: Yes and with great flexibility. Click on Home on top command line. You can print any view as WYSIWYG (“What you see is what you get”) including the Gantt timeline data directly to printer or as PDF. You can decide header, time period and page setup. You can define your own perspectives to be used for standard print outs.

Can I set up data transfer with my ERP system?

Yes. Marstrand People has developed a comprehensive Web service interface.We work on developing web service interfaces for other ERP systems. Please contact us if you have a request.In the meantime you can use our Excel interface which can be set up to run in asynchronous mode with Excel running in the background as the data mapping control.

At what level can you plan?

Marstrand People covers all time horizons and planning levels. You can use it for Project Portfolio Management on the strategic level and for rough cut resource and budgeting on the tactical level as well as control of your operations. When you decide on the first phase of a new project you can detail that phase in two ways:

  • Going to a finer time resolution, e.g. from month to week or days, just by right clicking in the Gantt.
  • Add one or more levels in the project work break down structure WBS including the ability to assign resources at the different levels.

How can I communicate with Outlook?

You can synchronize tasks with Outlook. In Outlook you can define new tasks and transfer them to Marstrand Planning Intelligence and vice versa.

  • In Outlook you can define out of office days which will be respected in the available resource capacity calculations.

How detailed can you make bookings in terms of time?

You can book on either day, week or month. All data can also be entered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is not possible to book hours, we would simply not recommend anyone to plan so detailed.

What version of the .NET framework is required?

You need to have the .NET 4.0 framework installed.You can find it here: http://www.microsoft.com/da-dk/download/details.aspx?id=17718

Why the Gantt chart account cells are grey with a dash border?

The account cell value could be calculated or it is entered in another timescale than the one you are currently viewing. Change timescale from the ribbon or right click the account cell and select Open for editing, if you want to change the values in the timescale.

What do I do when my demo license runs out?

You can run into the problem that your license key has run out. If you have this problem, remove the Mi.lic file from the below directories before downloading and installing a new client version.The license file is by default placed in:

  • Windows XP location of the MI.lic file: C:\Program Files\Marstrand Innovation\Marstrand Planning Intelligence x.x\x.x\Licence (x.x being the MPI version).
  • Windows Vista location of the MI.lic file: C:\Program Data\Marstrand Innovation\Marstrand Planning Intelligence x.x\x.x\Licence (x.x being the MPI version)

I lost my toolbar in Project Gantt Chart, why and how do I get it back?

You right clicked on the toolbar and unchecked the Tools item. Click on the Project Gantt Chart caption header to activate it, and click on the Customize Toolbar ribbon button in Home. In the Toolbars checkbox list, check the Tools item Again.