The Maconomy Story

The Maconomy story

A highly successful commercial and technology collaboration.

In April 2007  Maconomy and Marstrand Innovation (MI) signed an OEM and distributorship agreement after MI had presented the prototype of Marstrand Planning Intelligence. Maconomy was at the time a successful ERP company focused on Professional Service Companies around the world. Maconomy was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Maconomy immediately saw that this could bring a competitive advantage in Maconomy’s strive to become the leading software vendor within the professional services domain. Version 1 of Maconomy People Planner was launched in October 2007 including a web service data interface to Maconomy ERP. The Launch was an immediate success and the cooperation continued with a number of service packs based on valuable input from leading Maconomy customers.

In April 2009 Version 2 was released with many important enhancements building on input from the market, including much more Excel type functionality with cut and paste, calculated columns, look up in database and more spreadsheet features.

The next step was In August 2008 when Maconomy and Marstrand Innovation entered a Software Acquisition Agreement, whereby MI sold its entire software source code for Maconomy People Planner and the IP rights. A further development was also agreed upon. The transfer of the updated code, version 2  took place as planned at the end of 2009.

Marstrand Innovation keeps full IP rights to the entire code platform. The MI version has since then undergone important further development and is today in many respects in another league compared with the system of January 2010, although the kernel is the same.

In July 2010 Deltek, USA  acquired Maconomy and the sales and implementations of People Planner continued.