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Here’s some great tips to get you started!

  • Did you know that you can enter multiple numbers in the Gantt chart account cells, just by selecting the cells and start typing?
  • Did you know that you can do simple calculations addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentage on Gantt chart account cells by selecting the cells press F2 and type in the formula, like +2 to add 2 to the numbers in the selected cells, or +10% to increase with 10 %.
  • When you have opened a view and want to dock it in the whole work area, just double click the view caption header.
  • If you want to best fit a grid column just double click on right-hand side of the column.
  • You can do regular expression search in the column chooser column search. Write *revenue if you want all columns that end with revenue. Write *a$ if you want all columns that end on the letter a. The asterix basically means “everything” and the dollar sign means “end of text”
  • You can add a new employee category on the resource just by right clicking on the employee category cell in the resource grid and select Open for adding, or just press F2. Type in the name of the employee category and press the Add button in the grid cell. This accounts for all other list fields in the application.

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