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Industry sectors using Marstrand Planning Intelligence

Professional services

Maximize capacity utilization. Achieve high billing rate. Deliver as promised.

Budget Control Financials

Free yourself from spreadsheets. Streamline project reporting. Work with Scenarios.

IT/Product   Development

Control the progress and financial situation of your Project Portfolio. Realistic Project Priority & release.

Make to Order Manufacturing

Shorten lead times. Synchronize engineering, procurement & material flow. 

Utilities, Water & Energy

Control your portfolio of investment projects. Budgets & entrepreneurs,.

Our customers

Marstrand Planning Intelligence is widely used in Denmark and Sweden.

For Swedish Companies, we have a reliable partner responsible for sales and implementation in Sweden. Read more

Our customers come from these sectors of business and their use of MPI has different focus. This shows the versatility of MPI  and the widespread use.

Select which industry sector you want to see.

Professional Services
Utility, Water & Energy
IT & Product Development
Budget Control Financials
Make To Order Manufactoring

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