Marstrand Planning Intelligence (MPI) – one system, several options

When you download MPI you will always get the complete code. Your license will give you access to the functionality you pay for.

If you later on want more, we simply change the license key accordingly.

This is your guarantee of the highest quality and that you can grow with MPI without needing any programming or other technical complications. You can be sure that all functions work together.

MPI is one standard platform and set of tools and functions which offer you access to all elements of your planning and execution. Projects, services, resources, etc.

MPI covers the need of all roles in the Company related to portfolio and project Work.

You can order different product packages according to the roles you want to support with MPI.

MPI for different roles

A product element is a set of functions with defined scope and use. You can combine elements as you want.

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MPI’s unique project CONTAINER concept

See about what is so unique about our technology, which also consists of exceedingly fast calculations.

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This is how it works

MPI is generic in every dimension

Resource, Project, Portfolio and Financial management in one system.

Configuration is straightforward and can be done by the user.

MPI works with one carefully designed common database.

Management Information

Provide Management with the updated, transparent and reliable overview needed to make decisions about which projects to promote, their priority and the best actions when unforeseen things happen. It is about control of progress, best use of resources, quality and performance.

Make the decision process effective and short with timely action and precise information transmitted to the organization.

MPI has rich Business Intelligence functionality on the web:

  • Dash Boards and advanced reports on status and options as foundation for decisions on priority and scope.
  • Reports can show historical Development based on periodic project reports.
  • Deliverables break down and stage.
  • Action handling based  early warning signals of risk, scope, and other issues.

Project Office Coordinator

This is the recommended foundation and starting point for success with MPI. It covers:

Creation of new Projects with Product Break Down (deliverables, Prince2) or direct defintion of Work Break Down.

Flexible template functionality.

The MPI Planning Tool with synchronized Gantt charts for allocation of resources to Projects and  jobs handling capacity constraints and dependencies.

Portfolio management suppporting selection of upcoming projects based on overview of bottlenecks in the future, current load, budgets, cost/benefit, risks etc.

Your plans will be feasible, realistic and focused on the most important projects with shorter lead times and quicker results and pay back on your investments.

Please look under screen shots and see some of the important functions:

  • Portfolio ABC overview by any dimension and attribute.
  • Financials. Budget control, cost –benefit, payments.
  • Scenarios.

CO Package

We recommend our customers to start with this package, which comprise these elements: Coordinator, Management Information and Spread Sheet Communicator.

This package is ideal for the Project Coordinator as a personal, single user tool, which does not require any involvement of IT departments or other. It is an excellent and rather simple way to learn MPI and to define further progress.

Project Manager

This MPI product element has functions you will find in traditional project planning tools + a lot more:

    • Create and maintain project data.
    • Planning board for assignment of people and other resources. Synchronized planning charst (Gantts) by Project and by Resource capacity and capability.
    • Automatic as well as user controlled scheduling functions.
  • Work flow for coordination with resource owners.
  • Scenarios for projects
  • Follow up on status, issues and risks.
  • Periodic Project reporting to PMO and Management.
  • Data interface to selected project tools.

Resource Manager

With this MPI product element the resource owner can manage capacity of resources – short and long time. Resources might be persons related to roles.

Capacity is defined by a combination of company calendars, weekly Work hour patterns and individual input, e.g. vacations, other reponsibilities and assignments, change of capacity for a period, etc.

On the short horizon precise input about capacity available.

On the long horizon for calculating and deciding on future capacity needs based on forecasts: Hiring and firing, education and training, outsourcing strategy, etc.

Resource management also includes advanced management of competences and skills, somtimes Integrated with HR systems. Competence data are used short term to find candidates for jobs who both have time available in the

desired period and the right combiation of competences for any given job.

Competence data are also used long term for planning of education and define future skill profiles needed.

Follow up on productivity. E.g. is the promised capacity in fact delivered? Because of too low efficiency or people doing other things.

Personal Tools

This MPI product element offers a number of functions aimed at the individual to put him og her in better control of time,  performance and observations.

The personal workbench includes functions for:

  • Activity lists with all information, e.g. on spread sheet layout
  • Personal planning
  • Define new jobs and assignments, decentralized
  • Notes, issue logs etc. Knowledge sharing.
  • Time reporting of hours spent as well as estimate to complete.