PMO empowerment

Empowerment of the Project Office (PMO)

PMO diagramPMO is – and should be – the anchor in project portfolio execution, the ability to meet goals of budgets, milestones, quality and benefits.

PMO coordinates projects – on going as well as future projects – resources and timing.

PMO presents management with the basis for decisions based on updated information about status, problems and options.

PMO communicates with Project Managers and Resource Owners about priorities and actions decided by management and steering committees.

PMO works with the systematic improvement of methods and performance.

It is a challenging job for many reasons. The nature of project work where changes are too be expected. The many supporting spreadsheets and Project tools used, often personal (not integrated) and not standardized. ERP systems which are cumbersome and mainly focused on accounting.



MPI will radically ease and improve the work of the PMO function because it offers:

  • One system which gives access to all information
  • A Powerful planning tool handling the 3 dimensions of projects/activities, resource capacity and timing with interactive planning boards
  • Complete configurability with a user interface which is spread sheet like .
  • A consequence calculation engine to build and compare scenarios.
  • The freedom of how data are presented with graphical Gants, ABS diagrams, Dash Boards, reports and export/import from Excel
  • Easy ways to set up data integration with other systems.


Simple implementation of  MPI

You can start with MPI as a single user personal tool where you operate it is a hub for information. Import data from Project Managers and resources, make the plans and present decision foundation to management.

Later on you might extend the use involving and supporting other parts of the organization, gradually arriving at a fully integrated information system, transparent and user friendly. MPI has it all.

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