In a changing world, succes depends on the efficiency of your project machine


MPI is the first truly people centric Business System.

Why? Because people drive your projects – outcome, cost and revenue.

The people dimension is integrated on every time horizon from strategic portfolio selection, over realistic milestones to assignment of teams and individuals.

Resources  act as the driver of financials.

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Industry sectors using Marstrand Planning Intelligence

Professional services

Maximize capacity utilization. Achieve high billing rate. Deliver as promised.

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Budget Control Financials

Free yourself from spreadsheets. Streamline project reporting. Work with Scenarios.

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ITC Development

Control the progress and financial situation of your Project Portfolio. Realistic Project Priority & release.

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Make to Order Manufacturing

Shorten lead times. Synchronize engineering, procurement & material flow. 

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Utilities, Water & Energy

Control your portfolio of investment projects. Budgets & entrepreneurs,.

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Laptop with Budget Control

Budget Management and Control

MPI is the ultimate navigation tool for your Project Machine.

Imagine that management and controllers get instant, clear and reliable  information about:

  • The actual and true situation for each project; overruns, delays, problems.
  • The situation ahead. Forecast by  all Project Managers based  on fundamental drivers.
  • Financials, aggregated on every level and dimension and highlight of need for  change.
  • Options for decisions showing consequences of cost, available capacity and benefits?

Imagine a liberation from spreadsheet complexity, yet more flexible. Without programming.

Imagine one configurable standard system with one common consistent database.

Imagine an automated, streamlined and transparent information flow bringing significant savings in time, effort and money, reduction of waste and important gains in agility and quality.

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MPI is great for realistic and good staffing to avoid bottlenecks and achieve high utilization and motivation. Decisions depend on accurate information about:

  • Available capacity for people, teams and roles by calendar
  • Skills and certificates
  • Estimate to complete for ongoing projects
  • Pipeline estimates of project extensions

MPI’s unique synchronized Gantt Charts offer Project Managers and Resource Owners intuitive and interactive control of bottlenecks and dependencies.

Employees and partners know what to do, when to complete and priority. Easy feedback on schedule, progress, time spent, issues and risk.

Good staffing is essential for improved delivery performance, high utilization and a higher billing rate.

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Laptop with Resource Management
TV with KPI & Dashboard

Productivity Management

MPI is a business system to create and control performance initiatives:

  • Define initiative projects, cost/benefit parameters, assign responsibles
  • Define KPI’s and scorecard scheme
  • Set up KPI reporting workflow
  • Set up Business Intelligence follow-up

MPI enables transparent, systematic follow-up and experience collection. A great vehicle for learning and continuous productivity improvement.

Innovative Technology

MPI’s brings these technology components together in
one ground breaking modular, user friendly and configurable platform:

  • The integrated generic resource dimension to control capacity, capability and economy
  • The planners workbench with 2 synchronized Gantts – by project breakdown and by resource assignments
  • The flexible timeline – all time horizons and flexible resolution.
  • The unique red-green Gantt diagram disclosing bottleneck, idle time, budget overruns, planned work not done, etc.
  • The free set up of value entities, hours planned and delivered, pieces, money. Basic and calculated values
  • The mapping of financial accounts break down to project structures e.g. as automatic generator of profit and loss statements
  • The comprehensive template functionality
  • The incredible customization options – spreadsheets and much more meeting every type of users needs
Innovative Technology
Portfolio Control

Flexible Portfolio Control

Align vision and effort to prioritize initiatives, select optimal project portfolios, and deliver according to your company strategy.

  • Make a proper evaluation of ideas or goals of the strategic contribution of the various requests, to conduct the follow-up and streamline the project launch
  • Unique planning workbench with integrated Prince2 delivery product break down. Perform end to end planning and see consequences of scenarios
  • 2 Dimensional ABC diagrams for portfolio analysis. Avoid project constipation by monitoring risks, priorities and budgets

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Make data-driven decisions by equipping management with the information, they need to stay a head and make better decisions.

  • Use the easy-configurable dashboards as a help for better insigts and decisions
  • Instantly acces monthly or quarterly reports on forecast, observation logs, risks and warnings
  • Analyse trends, setup KPI’s and compare plans and actuals

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Data Driven
Increase Flexibilty and efficiency

Simplify IT

Simplify IT with one planning system, that adds flexibility and convenience while reducing the technical complexity

  • Get started quickly, with a straightforward preparation workshop, and choose what fits best for your organization, from a broad range of modules
  • Synchronized Project and Resource Gantt Charts
  • Manage dependencies on activities between projects and activities

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Visual Program Leadership 

The aim of Visual Program Leadership (VPL) is to acquire a faster and better execution of larger tasks and programmes, by supporting the 4 following elements:

  • One common transparent, visual and structuret foundation for decisions. Open and instant communication that secures unified accept after Agile and Lean principles.
  • Scenarios, where consequences of actions and decicions can be test on the go, and shared ownership.
  • PRINCE2® product focus. Product Diagram(PDB). Hierarchical list of components for Products and Deliveries. Definition of Product Flow by time and logistic dependencies.
  • Proactive risk and issue management

Watch the video below to see more about the concept of Visual Program Leadership in collaboration with PA Consultin Group.

Marstrand Planning Intelligence is there for you, no matter what role you play

Management, CFO

Better and timely decisions based on facts and overview. Performance.


Project Office PMO

Planning, decision support and reliable information flow.

Project office PMO

Project Management

Forecast. Scheduling and Resource assignments. Reporting.

Project Manager

Resource Owner

Capacitity and skill management. Educate, Train and Motivate.

Ressource Owner

Individuals Teams

Doing the jobs assigned well, in time and without unhealthy stress.

Personal Tools

Partner Customer

Trustful and trans-parent cooperation. Handle changes.


Bring it together

MPI provides the tool set and methods in one configurable Business System:

Scenarios, Planning, Execution and Analytics
Projects and resources. Time and Money
Visual, intuitive graphical displays
All time horizons and time resolutions
Portfolio Management to daily operations
Spreadsheets and Dashboards.

Decision Power

Consistent data at your fingertips with interactive and interlinked diagrams:

Know the status, forecasts and consequences
Freedom of calculations, accounts, formulas
Work with options and scenarios.
Show and compare consequences
Transparent communication of decisions
Systematic feed back on performance

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