Projects bring change and business. They represent important investments from which you will expect pay back.

Marstrand Planning Intelligence (MPI) puts you in perfect control of your project machine, with groundbreaking sharp, handy and flexible tools.

Do you recognize this situation?             

Many projects – different in value, priority, scope and risk

Limited capacity – people, available time and skill, budgets

Ever changing conditions – scope, delays, priorities, available capacity

Inadequate information flow. Many Excels out of sync. and varying data quality. Lots of unstructured messages

Project Office (PMO) bugged down by information retrieval and verification

Your potential for improvement is tremendous

A happy and forward looking PMO brings the foundation for better decisions at the right time

Better coordination of projects and resources leads to higher efficiency

Budgets and targets will be met and lead times will be shortened

Avoid the waste of lost efforts because of too slow reaction to change

Less administrative work with transparent IT and work flows

Overall you will se improved pay back on your project investments

Industry sectors using Marstrand Planning Intelligence

Professional sector

Maximize capacity utilization. High billing rate. Deliver as promised.

compass ruler

Product Development

Tight control of dependencies, bottlenecks, scope and control. Priority setting.

Innovation Light

ITC Development

Avoid scope creep. Control budgets. Handle obstacles. Shorten lead times.

ITC Development

MTO Manufacturing

Project driven.  Syn- chronize engineering, procurement, material flow and resources.  



Services and Supplies, e.g. water. Budget control, external suppliers.


Bring it together. MPI provides the tools and methods

Visibility. Intuitive graphical displays with drill down to critical details

Structure and precision. One database bringing your Excels together

Flexibility. Adapt and grow your implementation step by step, top Down

Simplify decision making, better, quicker, balanced

See the true and clear picture of the state of affairs – where you are

Work with options and scenarios. Show and compare consequences

Execution power based on transparent communication and feed back

Improve performance step by step

No matter what role you play, MPI is there for you

Management, CFO

Better and timely decisions based on facts and overview. Focus on performance.

Project Office  PMO

Planning, decision support and reliable information flow. The finger on the pulse.

Project Manager

Project scheduling, resource assignments and execution. Handle obstacles. Meet req.m.

Resource Owner

Motivated people who deliver as promised. Education and training.


Doing the jobs assigned  well, in time and without unhealthy stress.


Trustful and trans-parent cooperation. Handle changes.

1 Managers LR
2 PMO LR x
Project Manager
Ressource Owner
5 Individual LR x
6 Partners LR


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