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Projects are aimed to do business and to cope with change and beat the competition.

It is vital that your project machine is top tuned.

We bring you the ground breaking MPI Business System to radically change the way you manage your portfolio of projects to meet objectives and reduce waste:

The key is the Resource Dimension, integrated on every time horizon from strategy to operations. Resources are the primary constraint with the risk of becoming delaying bottlenecks, Resources carry most of the cost  – but first of all Resources do the job.

With this approach MPI  combines realistic planning with tight control of financials and other performance measures like resource utilization and shorter lead times. The unique budget control is activity and resource driven.

Make better decisions quicker, safer and with instant communication. You will save a lot of internal time when you bring your spread sheets and project tools in line in one always updated database. MPI offers smart and intuitive visual displays for every role and function.

Management will see well prepared scenarios when they select and prioritizie Projects and Investments.


After the initial step you will exprience benefits of real magnitude.

Think about what shorter lead times will mean for money flow, customer satisfaction and competition. And what better deployment of resources will mean for quality, motivation and Growth of competences and skills.

Combining the best of project management with the familiarity of spreadsheets and the stability of a database, Marstrand Planning Intelligence provides a Resource Management solution for every role in a company; CEO, portfolio manager, finance, project manager, resource manager, and the individual can easily manage their resources and stay on track.

”The implementation of Marstrand Planning Intelligence (MPI) was simple and did not require specialist resources or a complex infrastructure. The configuration options work really well and we had MPI up and running in less than a week”

Petter Olofsson, Senior Manager, Mechanics, Sigma Connectivity AB



Industry sectors using Marstrand Planning Intelligence

Professional sector

Maximize capacity utilization. High billing rate. Deliver as promised.

compass ruler

Product Development

Tight control of dependencies, bottlenecks, scope and control. Priority setting.

Product Development

ITC Development

Avoid scope creep. Control budgets. Handle obstacles. Shorten lead times.

ITC Development

MTO Manufacturing

Project driven. Syn- chronize engineering, procurement, material flow and resources.

Make-to-Order Manufactoring

Public Service Sector

Services and Supplies, e.g. water. Budget control, external suppliers.

Public Sector

Bring it together.

MPI provides the tool set and methods in one configurable Business System:

Planning, agile Execution and powerful Analytics. Visual, intuitive graphical displays with drill down to critical details From long term Portfolio Management to daily operations in a seamless, transparent and updated flow of  information Dynamic and smart deployment of budgets, people and other resources to meet targets and shorten lead time Structure and precision. One database bringing your Excels and project planning together.

Simplify decision making, better, quicker, balanced

See the true and clear picture of the state of affairs – where you are, the risks, issues and estimates Decision support based on realistic assessment. Work with options and scenarios. Show and compare consequences Execution power based on transparent communication and feed back Tight follow up on performance.  


Marstrand Planning Intelligence is there for you, no matter what role you play

Management, CFO

Better and timely decisions based on facts and overview. Focus on performance.


Project Office PMO

Planning, decision support and reliable information flow. The finger on the pulse.

Project office PMO

Project Manager

Project scheduling, resource assignments and execution. Handle obstacles. Meet req.m.

Project Manager

Resource Owner

Motivated people who deliver as promised. Education and training.

Ressource Owner

Individuals Teams

Doing the jobs assigned well, in time and without unhealthy stress.

Personal Tools

Partner Customer

Trustful and trans-parent cooperation. Handle changes.



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